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Personal statements offer a unique opportunity for you as an applicant to showcase a personalized snapshot of who you are. Admission teams and recruiters use personal statements as a way of going beyond the set of numbers -- GPAs, test scores -- that often limit any reflection of what you can offer. In these increasingly competitive admissions processes for jobs and schools, personal statements are becoming an increasingly important variable in the search for distinguished applicants. Writing in a way that is fluid and reflective of your work, passions, and personality will inevitably increase your chances of getting where you want to go. 


During these sessions, I will help you craft a personal statement that portrays an authentic "you" while addressing the prompt at hand. Through brainstorming, writing exercises, and a rigorous editing process, you will walk out with an exceptional personal statement that will stand out to admissions teams and recruiters.

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Freelance Writing I am versed in writing towards target audiences, with experiences in publishing and marketing within health, finance, and educational institutions. If your business or institution could benefit from a communication specialist, please consider using my services. 

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SAT Tutoring Two-thirds of the SAT measures skills in evidence-based reading and writing. The test measures skills in vocabulary, reading, grammar, usage, and other important verbal skills. These are all skills that can be honed with the help of tutoring. I offer class tutoring sessions to prepare students for the reading and writing sections of the SAT. This four-week course is highly collaborative and structured. An additional two-week course is available for the optional SAT essay. Please visit my contact form to inquire about spaces available. 

English as a Second Language Tutoring I am TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) trained through Princeton University and spent a year teaching ESL to university students abroad. I have experience teaching across many different language abilities, cultures, and educational needs. If you are a resident of New York and could benefit from an experienced language teacher, please contact me.

Soy TEFL (Enseñanza del Inglés como Lengua Extranjera) entrenado en la Universidad de Princeton y pasé un año enseñando ESL a estudiantes universitarios en el extranjero. Tengo experiencia en la enseñanza de diferentes habilidades lingüísticas, culturas y necesidades educativas. Si usted es residente de Nueva York y podría beneficiarse de un maestro de idiomas experimentado, comuníquese conmigo.

Writing Coaching/Editing Are you struggling with personal or academic essay? Whether you're working on an important paper for school or writing for personal endeavors, I offer brainstorming and editing sessions to help plan, structure, and perfect your piece. 

Due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, all services will be conducted via Zoom until further notice. 

Pricing: Typical coaching and tutoring services range in the hundreds to thousands. While these important endeavors should be an investment of time, effort, and energy, the process should not impose a financial burden. My prices are considerably lower than most private coaching. 

I have limited availability for reduced-cost/free coaching. If these prices are a foreseeable burden, please contact me.




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